Knob & Dash

At Knob & Dash our intent is simple: to bring joy and delight with each bite, crafting sweet delicacies that suit a variety of needs. After years of working in and out of bakeries, founder Stephanie McColl, started Knob & Dash in the Fall of 2021 bringing together a love of French patisserie with home baking traditions passed down through generations of family recipes to create unique, flavour-forward desserts for all to enjoy.

As an artisanal ice cream and dessert maker, we have developed a line of flavour-first, all natural products. Knob & Dash treats you to a bit of everything – tarts, cookies, ice cream, pastries, cakes – with one central focus: bold and balanced flavours. With each bite, we hope you will be transported to a land of new flavours or brought back to fond childhood memories. Enjoy!