first threads

Kids apparel basics that are Made for Play.
Designed in Kingston. Thoughtfully made in Canada.
Gender neutral. Functional. Ethical.

We are so not about fast fashion. Nor exploitation of people or the planet. Anywhere. Anytime.

What we are about is thoughtfully designed clothing created from start to finish in Canada with LOVE... and a little parenting wisdom.

first threads came about from an unwavering commitment to buy and support local. After struggling to find certain products made ethically, Kate found herself in front of a sewing machine creating the vast majority of her children's everyday wear.

Kate - an entrepreneur since age 6 - came up with the idea for first threads and partnered up with her fellow parenting-friend Kelly, whose passion for sustainable, quality-made children's clothing and design made them the perfect duo.

Through their love of cute design, passion to support the local economy, commitment to ethical practices, and environmental sustainability, we bring you... first threads!