Luxurious & affordable. Ailuralivé jewellery is 100% waterproof, tarnish resistant, and hypoallergenic. Every piece is carefully coated with a generous layer of lustrous 18K gold, making it highly durable to last an entire lifetime! The jewellery can be worn every day without any worry about tarnishing or rusting.

Care instructions: There are NONE! Wear it in the water. Lather it in soap, spray perfume all over it, or even dunk it into a bowl of vinegar for days (as seen on Ailuralivé Instagram reels!), and it will always - yes, always - remain gold and shiny!

Ailuralivé was founded by Amina Khan in her apartment in Toronto. Amina prides herself on designing high-quality and affordable jewellery that's made to last a lifetime! Amina moved to Kingston in 2021 where she continues to operate Ailuralivé online from home.

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